Class of 1953 reunion

On Saturday, Sept. 14 at the 1812 ( Old Island House), 14 classmates gathered for an evening of remembering their high school years and graduation on May 28, 1953.

Attending were Patricia (Eliyas) and Larry Whittaker , traveling from Dallas, GA; Evelyn (May) and Ronald Brennan, traveling from Walbridge. OH; Marjorie(Milliser) and Joe Busby; Gail (Sorgen) and Richard Miller, traveling from Attica, OH; Carl  and Judy Disher, traveling from Dayton,OH; Ronald and Rosemary Mainous; Ronald and Dee Payne; Gary and Margie Howerth; Charles and Phyllis Bryant; Carol (Quisno) Brown; Martha (Finefrock) Cipti; Beverly Mackey; Volita (Tibbs) Reifsnyder; and Harold Kokinds and Linda, all of the Port Clinton area.

Letters were read from Classmates unable to attend the event, but wanting to share their memories. Those classmates were  Shirley (Quintell) Lattimore; Jovea (Barnes) Schlipf; a letter from Kris (Cover) Gass the daughter of classmate Bruce Cover tellinh us that her Dad had passed away since our 55th Reunion; Irene (Bertuccioli) Szilagi; Norma(Cover) McKinley;Joan (Vargo) Jett;Ronald and Janice Mackey; David  and Anna Miller; Bill Jacobs, and John Jack.

Gail ( Sorgen) Miller, the only remaining Class Officer was the MC for the evening, there was a POP QUIZ to see who could name"current events of 1950-51-52- 53."

The dessert was a cake made by Amy Campbell Howerth, daughter-in-law of Classmate Gary Howerth pictured above. The cake was the old High School with the corner stone of 1922 attended by all the classmates of 1953. Not only did it look great, but it also tasted great, Was really hard to cut into this beautiful masterpiece and many many photos were taken before the first slice was cut and one of the classmates commented after the cake was cut and served, that the crumbs left laying about were like what was left at the site today, with the tearing down of our old High School. There was a moment of quiet to remember our departed classmates as well as our departed high school building. 

During the evening many stories were told about all the "Good Times" shared with friends and teachers in that building and some classmates heard tales they had never heard before. For the future, the classmates will be getting together every year, not waiting the five years, since all of us are in the fourth quarter of our lives, we do not want to miss a single opportunity to share with each other. Attention all Class of 1953 members, second Saturday in September, lunch at the 1812 (Old Island House) for lunch, starting at 1 p.m.

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