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History has been made. July 1 the Lakeside Volunteer Fire Department and the Marblehead Volunteer Fire Department merged into the Danbury Township Volunteer Fire Department.

This may be old news to many of you but I thought it would be nice to bring everyone up to speed as to the progress that has been made.

Danbury Twp. VFD has been operational as a single department since June 2013. I cannot stress how pleased we are in the personnel’s response to the formation of the new department. We continue to answer the emergency calls as needed via the three existing stations. Station 1 is located at 9551 E. Harbor Rd (original Lakeside station1). Station 1 currently houses three ALS stocked ambulances, one fire engine, one light equipment/personnel transport unit, and the rescue boat. Station 2, located on State Route 269 (original Lakeside station 2), currently houses two fire engines, one ladder truck, and one heavy rescue truck. Station 3 is located at 517 West Main St (original Marblehead station), currently houses one ALS stocked ambulance, one fire engine, one grass fire truck and one heavy rescue truck.

Station 1 is currently being staffed by the Interim Fire Chief and one certified EMT Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We are also staffing station 1 overnight with at least one EMT. We continue to rely on our staff of dedicated volunteers to staff our equipment when we receive and respond to emergencies. 

The Danbury Township Trustees have been very busy in finalizing the acquisition of all of the properties and equipment in order to protect our community. The Mayor of Marblehead and council members have been equally busy in negotiations with the township to lease the building now known as station 3. Lakeside Volunteer Fire Protective Association Inc. and Lakeside Association have been working out the details in order to transfer the lease agreement for station 1 to Danbury Township also. Shelley Seamon, the Danbury Township Fiscal officer, has been extremely busy. She has the task of keeping all of us in line and making sure that we are progressing in a legal and financially responsible manner.

Everyone should be commended for their dedication to our community, including all of our residents. Without their support, none of this would be possible. There may be some that were totally unaware that there were even two fire departments that served Danbury Township and the Village of Marblehead. We hope that we have been able to educate our residents as to the need for a single, unified, streamlined fire and EMS department. We are confident that we can provide just such a department with our dedicated personnel, and our top of the line equipment. 

There will be growing pains. We understand this and expect it. We feel that there is nothing that through all of our combined efforts we cannot overcome. We will continue to host our time honored fundraisers. We were able to raise over $4,800 at our Spaghetti Dinner and Movie. We just hosted our Reverse Raffle, and were able to raise over $5,000. Coming in November, we will host our annual Feather Party at station 3.

We have been presented with a whale of a task in merging two departments with over 100 years of service. How do you eat a whale? One bite at a time.

Doug Waugh,
Interim Fire Chief Danbury Township Volunteer Fire Department

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