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Running unopposed in Ward 4, Gabe Below

The Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce and the Business and Professional Women sponsored Candidates Night at the Elk’s Lodge on Thursday, Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. Candidates had an opportunity to talk for five minutes, telling the voters their stories, why they wanted to run and what they would do for their communities if elected.

Some of the candidates are younger citizens of Port Clinton who graduated from Port Clinton High School. Cole Hatfield and Bert Fall, both running for auditor, and Gabe Below, running unopposed in ward four, are Port Clinton graduates and expressed a passion for helping the city grow to its potential. Below, who works at a government relations firm out of Cleveland and travels frequently in that position, said that he has an opportunity to see what other communities are doing and in turn that will help Port Clinton. Below also said that the city needs to concentrate on population growth and needs to attract younger families to the city.

Many, if not all, the candidates expressed their desire to give back and contribute to their community.  Hatfield said, “I was raised here, I work here, I want to raise my family here and I want to contribute to the community.” Fall also spoke of contributing to the community, “I am more than someone who can just balance the books.” 

Hot topics of the evening included new sewer lines and, of course, Waterworks Park. All the Pot Clinton candidates supported the development of Waterworks Park, but some were skeptical of the lack of a structured plan. Most candidates said they would approve of a plan only if it was concrete and wasn’t a prototype or concept.

In the October 31 issue of the Beacon, candidate profiles for contested seats will be featured. Voting takes place on Nov. 5. Here are the issues and candidates that will be on the Ottawa County ballot:


Village of Elmore, renewal, 3 mills for maintenance and repair of streets/alleys

Village of Elmore, renewal, 3 mills for solid waste collection

Village of Elmore, renewal, .75 mills for operating recreation facilities and parks

Danbury Twp, additional, 1.5 mills for fire protection

Harris Twp, additional, 4.5 mills for emergency medical services

Harris Twp 4, new, local liquor option- Schedel Gardens D-6 liquor permit

Portage Twp 2, new, local liquor opteration- Ciao Bella D-6 liquor permit

Put-In-Bay Twp, renewal, 1.2 mills for fire protection

BCS School District, renewal, 1.2 mills for general ongoing permanent improvements

BCS Schoot District, renewal, 3.9 mills for current operating expenses

Port Clinton School District, renewal, 2.3 mills for current expenses

City of Port Clinton, new, natural gas aggregation with opt out

Woodmore School District, renewal, 5.75 mills, emergency requirements

EHOVE Vocational School District, replacement, .5 mill for current expenses


Treasurer: Edna Hansen

Auditor: (vote for 1) Bert Fall, Cole Hatfield

Port Clinton City Council, ward 1A: (vote for 1) Ron Aukerman, Kassie Anderson

PC 2A: (vote for 1) Mark Coppeler, Jerry Tarolli

PC 3A: (vote for 1)Margaret Phillips, Trish McCartney

PC 4A: Gabe Below

Municipal Judge: Frederick Hany II

Clay Center Council: Mark Franks, Steve Hochanadel

Elmore Council: (vote for 4)Richard Claar, Matthew Danschroder, William Kieffer, Thomas Charles Deitemyer

Elmore Affairs: Alvin Lee Roepke

Genoa Council: (vote for 4) Kenneth Lee Harsanje Sr., David Brown, Raymond St. Marie, John Lewis

Marblehead Council: (vote for 4) John Starcher, Dean Dorko, David Redett

Marblehead Board of Public Affairs: E. Lynn App

Oak Harbor Council: (vote for 4) Jacqueline Macko, Susan Rahm, Bradley Weis

Oak Harbor Mayor: William Eberle

Put-In-Bay Council: (vote for 4) Jeffry William Koehler, Lee Krendl, Terry Bodenbender, Jacob Douglas Market

Rocky Ridge Council: (vote for 4) Brenda Sue Fastinger, Rita Buehler, Emil Lee Bloomfield

Allen Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Craig Blausey, Scott Everhardt

Bay Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Jerry Blatt, Denton Glovinsky, Mel McCord Jr., Mark Howerth, Benny Peterson

Benton Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Kenneth Leist, James Buhro, Wesley Gahler, Edward Dusseau

Carroll Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Kenneth Gyde, Richard James Keiser, Rodney Biggert Sr., Joseph Verb, Phillip James Deluca, Allan Weirich

Catawba Island Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Matthew Montowski, William Rofkar

Clay Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Mitchell Hoyles, Donald Hoeft, Gaylord Sheldon, Matthew Widmer

Danbury Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) John Paul Dress, David Hirt, Charles Scott, John Englebeck

Erie Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Frederick Bice, Dale Thomas Collins

Harris Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Carol Baker, Dan Laity, Beverly Haar, Steve Holland

Portage Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Sam Conte, Keith Heileman

Put-In-Bay Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) William Dale Burris, Matthew Miller, Christopher Cooper, Scott Pugh

Salem Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Victor Harder, Ronald Buehler

BCS School Board: (vote for 3) Jeffery Dornbusch, Jamie Lynn Tooman, Kimberly Dusseau

Danbury School Board: (vote for 3) John Kosa, Reba Bishoff

Genoa School Board: (vote for 3) Christopher Goetz, Kimberly Traver, James Brossia

North Bass School Board: (vote for 3) Mary Stonerook, Dale Stonerook, James Yelensky

Port Clinton City School Board: (vote for 3) Barbara Drusbacky, Michele Mueller, Paul Edward Shaw

Put-In-Bay School Board: (vote for 3) Michael Byrnes, Joy Cooper, Karen Goaziou, Dennis Uszak

North Point Educational Service Center: (vote for 2) Paul Lockwood II, Randall Macko

Wood County Educational Service Center: (vote for 3) Kenneth Ault, Timothy Meyer, Judith Paredes

Lake Local School District: (vote for 3) Brad Delventhal, Tim Krugh, Monica Leppelmeier

Woodmore Local School District: (vote for 2) Grant Cummings, Joseph Liszak, Sean Rizor\

Candidates Night Oct. 10, 2013

Ron Aukerman

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