Mike has a cornucopia of gratitude this Thanksgiving

Michael Metzger and friend Lisa

Thanksgiving is often a time of reflection. Michael Metzger, who recently moved to Ottawa County, took a moment to think about what he is most thankful for and answered that it was his family, friends, his ability to drive, and have fun. Mike’s life is full of people that he enjoys spending time with such as his mom, brother, Lisa (his girlfriend and best friend of 14 years), Lisa’s family, co-workers, self advocacy team members, his SSA and his counselor at The Giving Tree.  

Mike resides with three roommates and his cat Garfield in Port Clinton. In his spare time, Mike visits both his mom and his brother, who live nearby, and especially enjoys spending time with Lisa. He explained that Lisa and his relationship works well as they are total opposites, and use their strengths to take care of each other. One thing they enjoy together is their love of Weird Al Yankovich. Both Mike and Lisa’s families know how much the couple loves to attend Weird Al’s concerts and often give them tickets as gifts at Christmas or birthdays. Most recently Mike and Lisa saw Weird Al in concert in the Akron area. Mike’s favorite Weird Al song is the ever popular “Eat It!” When not attending concerts, Mike and Lisa enjoy visiting Cedar Point (Mike’s favorite is The Iron Dragon), movie theaters, and helping out at East Harbor Campground, especially during the annual Trick or Treat event.

This past summer Lisa’s family suggested that they take part in the Erie County Fair’s contest “The animal in me” show. Mike was paired up with a local 4-H student who showed a goat, was awarded the Heart Trophy and received a gift card to a local water park. Mike and Lisa enjoyed the experience so much that they are already signed up for next year. 

The ability to drive is something that Mike doesn’t take for granted, as it allows him to do different things in the community. He has a job, attends self-advocacy meetings, helps his mother with doctor appointments, runs errands, and, of course, drives for dates. Mike currently works for RVI, where he goes to different locations throughout the county and performs janitorial duties. When not working, Mike is very involved in self-advocacy groups in both Ottawa and Erie Counties. He holds several offices and is looking forward to attending Project STIR this November.   

Mike is grateful to both his SSA and his Case Manager at the Giving Tree who have helped him connect with others to assist Mike to learn additional skills and become more independent. One of his most recent accomplishments is being able to cook bacon in the oven and make pancakes. Mike shared that he is working hard at becoming more independent so that one day he may live on his own and marry his best friend Lisa.

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