Beacon for Freedom Foundation event on Monday

On Monday, Nov. 18, Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union (CPFCU) in Oak Harbor will be hosting an event to announce a groundbreaking concept called the Beacon For Freedom Foundation. The event will be held at be held at the 1812 Food and Spirits Restaurant, 102 Madison Street, Port Clinton, from 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

The Beacon For Freedom Foundation was established to assist communities in meeting unmet needs. Initially the organization will focus on helping individuals suffering from challenges that may hinder their ability to have financial freedom. Those scenarios may include single moms trying to get established; those who may be suffering from bruised credit; as well as those with autism, handicaps or learning disabilities. The Foundation wants to offer financial education and tools so that all people can experience financial freedom. Beyond that B4FF is asking the community what it needs.

According to CPFCU President Tom Renz, "The needs of communities vary over time and our organization is being developed to be flexible enough to meet those needs, whatever they may be. We will begin by working to assist this neglected audience that is overlooked or taken advantage of due to the varied challenges they may be facing. These folks deserve just as much of our assistance as the folks with the perfect credit score. There is nothing that can build an individual’s confidence level more than giving them the financial education and opportunities they need in life."

To learn more information about the Foundation, contact CPFCU at 419.898.3366.

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