Community thankful for meal at Trinity United Methodist Church Featured

For over 20 years Trinity United Methodist Church has provided a free Thanksgiving meal to the community. The tradition was started by the Lions Club and the Methodist women. The tradition continues with contributions of time and donations from all over the community. Coordinator Ginna Fall said last year they served 370 people and this year she hopes to serve around 400. “The more people the better,” said Fall. “We would love to run out of food.” Karen Reed, who is the kitchen supervisor, kept the food moving.

Not only does Trinity United Methodist serve meals in their church, but they deliver meals to people in the community who can’t come to the church for whatever reason. Fall said that one of their deliveries was to a 102 year old woman from Catawba and they were glad to provide the service.

Fall said that she is thankful for the people in the community that come together to help with the event. “We had a mystery man even come and shovel the sidewalk today,” said Fall. “When we went to talk to him he said ‘you guys are doing this big event to feed the community, the least I could do is shovel the sidewalk’.”

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