Lorrain Croy announces her candidacy for Ottawa County Common Pleas Court Judge

Lorrain Croy of Oak Harbor is announcing her intention to run for Judge in the Ottawa County Common Pleas Court.

Croy, a longtime assistant prosecutor in Ottawa and Sandusky Counties, is also a former magistrate. She has received the early endorsement of many elected officials including: State Representative, Chris Redfern; Port Clinton Mayor Vince Leone; Ottawa County Sheriff, Steve Levorchick; Oak Harbor Police Chief, Steve Weirich; Port Clinton Police Chief, Rob Hickman; Danbury Township Police Chief, Mike Meisler; Carroll Township Police Chief, Jody Hatfield; Marblehead Police Chief, Greg Fultz; Ottawa County Coroner, Dan Cadigan; Ottawa County Commissioner, Jim Sass; Ottawa County Commissioner, Jodi Regal, Ottawa County Auditor, Larry Hartlaub; President of The Port Clinton City Council, Linda Hartlaub; Port Clinton City Councilman Elect, Jerry Tarolli; Port Clinton City Councilwoman Elect, Margaret Phillips; Port Clinton City Councilman Elect, Ron Aukerman; Port Clinton City Councilman Gabe Below, Port Clinton City Councilwoman, Nicole DeFreitas; Oak Harbor City Councilwoman Elect, Jackie Macko; Village of Marblehead Councilwoman, Angela Kukay, and and others. 

Croy’s husband, Kelly, is a teacher in the Benton Carroll Salem School district and together they are raising four daughters.

“I’m excited about this opportunity and looking forward to serving the families of Ottawa County. Applying the law fairly and impartially in the Court of Common Pleas will always be my goal.”

Croy, a Democrat, said her campaign will be chaired by Gary and Becky Quisno of Oak Harbor.

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