The Village Square

By Robert Hruska Marblehead Zoning Administrator

Happy New Year everybody!  I hope this letter finds you well.

In case you thought you heard more construction trucks going by this year: you did!  We had 20 new homes built in the village in 2013. That is twice as many homes as in 2012. We also issued permits for 4 house additions and a dozen accessory structures including four fences, three sheds, several garages and a swimming pool.

In addition to being the Zoning Administrator, I also serve as the Secretary for the Planning Commission, Marblehead Representative to the Regional Planning Commission, Flood Plain Administrator, Waterfront Development Administrator, village contact person and coordinator for the 2010 Census and Chairman of the Records Committee. The Planning commission consists of three citizen members and two members from the village administration, comprising five in total.  The citizen members are Hal Clagg as the Chair, Terry Glovinsky as the Vice Chair and member Corky Zembala.  The members representing the Village are Mayor Jackie Bird and newly elected Councilman David Redett.  Congratulations, Dave and welcome.  These great people all spend a lot of time and effort to monitor and guide the growth of the village while still balancing that tightrope of serving those who want to expand the use of their properties and those who want things to be as undeveloped as possible. As a resident of the village I would encourage you to let these members know that you appreciate their efforts. If you do not know their individual contact information, you can call or send an email to the numbers below and I will make sure they get the messages.

Goodbye, and have a great New Year. A good suggestion that I heard for a New Year’s Resolution is to listen to only good news for two weeks, which means you can only watch one tenth of the stories on TV! After two weeks of not hearing about the next crisis, you will be amazed at how happy you feel.

If you need any zoning information call, email or stop in to the village office which is located above the Police Station and ask me questions.  The Zoning/Planning Office is open every weekday from 8 a.m.-1 p.m.  (419) 798-4074 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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