Ki Jadwisiak: An Immigrant Family History

On Feb. 13 at 6 p.m. at Ida Rupp Public Library, 310 Madison Street, Port Clinton, Casimir “Ki” Jadwisiak will share his family’s story and hold a book signing of his newly published book, “An Immigrant Family History”.

Casimir ''Ki'' Jadwisiak, lifetime area resident, recounts in over 50 emails to his relatives and friends, experiences and adventures of his 87 years in his newly published book, 'An Immigrant Family History’.

It all began with storytelling to his children usually at the dinner table where he told and retold stories of his youth. Following these stories, his children would often say, ''Gee Dad, I wish you would write that down.''

Ki started what he thought would be about a half dozen email letters.  He was amazed at how, when writing about a past incident, minute details of his past would come to mind.

The letters began with his parents in Poland.  They take you through the trials and tribulations of life on a farm during of the Great Depression, his experiences as a tank driver with the Marines in North China during WWII, conversations with former bootleggers, brushes with big-time gangsters in LA, two personal audiences with Pope John Paul II, and many other interesting stories of his travels to 28 countries.  All could have been different as he and his 6 brothers who served were eligible for a deferment because farming was considered essential to the war effort.

The book contains 130 photos that accompany the stories. Ki will be signing books after he tells his family story. 

As one reader commented, ''I loved the book and could not put it down until I finished it. You have had more adventures than Mark Twain.''

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