Lonz Winery Grape Stomp

Lonz Winery Grape Stomp

Jim Siemer would rather be stomping grapes on Middle Bass Island than shoveling snow.

During this snowy winter, Siemer conjures up the summer on Middle Bass Island through his new painting titled “Lonz Winery Grape Stomp”. While creating this art, Siemer states, “I experienced the magic of being transported back in time to the Lonz Winery Annual Grape Festival. There was dancing, laughter, stomping, music, and lots of drinking Lonz Wine.” Siemer’s new painting is now available at under the category Middle Bass Island.

Jim Siemer was inspired by the beauty and splendor of Middle Bass Island to begin painting watercolors over 25 years ago. This winter he imaginatively returns to the island through the creation of several new paintings capturing Middle Bass Island life.

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