Marblehead Bank Daisy Run 5K a family event

Lakeside daisies showed up for the race in their full glory.

The Twarek sisters and sons participated in the 5K. Pictured, left to right: Danielle, Trevor, Katie Connor and Megan.

Beth Leggett with grandchildren Quinn and Maggie Thompson and Lennon Rosiar. It was Lennon’s second 5K.

More than 200 runners and walkers participated in the tenth annual Marblehead Bank Daisy Run/Walk 5K in perfect running weather on Saturday. Several families ran and walked together. Danielle Twarek ran with sisters Katie and Megan, son Trevor and Megan’s son Connor. Danielle won her age division while pushing Trevor in his stroller.

The run/walk course went past the Lakeside Daisy Preserve on Alexander Pike in Marblehead, offering race participants a vista of the globally endangered yellow Lakeside Daisies in full bloom. 

According to Marblehead Bank President Bill Tuttamore, the Daisy Run is one of a handful of runs that is 100 percent sponsored by one sponsor. 

The race results:

Overall First Place Runners:

1st Place Female: Roberta Gangl; Marblehead, OH; 23:20

1st Place Male: John Hartenburg; Perrysburg, OH; 18:06

10 and Under Runners:

1st Place Female: Claudia Gillum; Marblehead, OH; 32:04

2nd Place Female: Gabrielle Maringer; Marblehead, OH; 32:20

3rd Place Female: Emma Holzaepfel; Marblehead, OH; 32:51, Maria Maringer; Marblehead, OH; 32:53, Astrid Halblaub; Marblehead, OH; 35:01, Maggie Thompson; Marblehead, OH; 42:38

1st Place Male:Robbie Tyson; Marblehead, OH; 24:27

2nd Place Male:Cade McCarthy; Marblehead, OH; 26:55

3rd Place Male: Connor McCarthy; Marblehead, OH; 28:45, Carter Thompson; Euclid, OH; 1:04:37

11 to 14:

1st Place Female: Lily Bishoff; Marblehead, OH; 30:53

2nd Place Female: Bailey Royhab; Evans City, PA; 32:11

3rd Place Female: Emma Thompson; Euclid, OH; 38:50, Annabella Miller; Wellington, OH; 41:57

1st Place Male: Brody Ekleberry; Tiffin, OH; 39:22

15 to 19:

1st Place Female: Brooke Stevenson; Indianapolis, IN; 32:55

1st Place Male: Jacob Miller; Wellington, OH; 29:55

2nd Place Male: Lenny Flavian; Perrysburg, OH; 32:30

20 to 24:

1st Place Female: None In Category

1st Place Male: None In Category

25 to 29:

1st Place Female: Danielle Twarek; Marblehead, OH; 25:25

2nd Place Female: Meghann Oleksiak; Middleburgh Hts., OH; 29:39

3rd Place Female: Brianna Spurgeon; Huntington, IN; 31:23

1st Place Male: None In Category

30 to 34:

1st Place Female: Michelle Yakovich; Port Clinton, OH; 24:01

2nd Place Female: Missy O’Connor, New Vienna, OH; 24:48

3rd Place Female: Jen Farrell; Willard, OH; 25:49, Jana Speer; Port Clinton, OH; 27:39, Dana Griffith; Marblehead, OH; 27:54, Sarah Harding; Elyria, OH; 28:14, Sara Dunn; Hilliard, OH; 29:33, Allison Sauvey; Marblehead, OH; 39:04, Becca Timm; Tiffin, OH; 39:29

1st Place Male: Jay McKillips; Castalia, OH; 22:25

2nd Place Male: Mike Farrell; Willard, OH; 25:06

3rd Place Male: Mark Turinsky; Marblehead, OH; 27:04, Nick Gerber; Port Clinton, OH; 27:56, James Van Eertan; Marblehead, OH; 28:23, William Dunn; Hilliard, OH; 29:56

35 to 39:

1st Place Female: Sidsel Halblaub; Marblehead, OH; 28:46

2nd Place Female: Kristina Lohmeyer; Oregon, OH; 31:29

3rd Place Female: Lynn Royhab; Evans City, PA; 32:13, Allison Holzaepfel; Marblehead, OH; 32:15, Stacie Gillum; Marblehead, OH; 37:05, Ann Warner; Fremont, OH; 38:27, Caroline Byrne; Fremont, OH; 53:28, Helen Bogner; Norwalk, OH; 1:00:47, Terry Huber; Fostoria, OH; 1:02:30

1st Place Male: Kyle Harding; Elyria, OH; 19:23

2nd Place Male:Jay Reed; Port Clinton, OH; 21:21

3rd Place Male: Joe Veliz; Port Clinton, OH; 24:09, Ted Wierzba; Port Clinton, OH; 26:55, Brian Snyder; Port Clinton, OH; 27:39, Gregory Byrne; Fremont, OH; 28:03, Russell Maringer; Marblehead, OH; 34:08

40 to 44:

1st Place Female: Erin Lucas; Port Clinton, OH; 25:30

2nd Place Female: Gabby Blunt; Genoa, OH; 27:09

3rd Place Female: Jodi Reineck; Genoa, OH; 27:42, Christy Teat; Lake Mary, FL; 29:35, Wendy St. Claire; Millbury, OH; 33:26, Stephenie Snodgrass; Wellington, OH; 35:01, Michelle Thompson; Euclid, OH; 36:52, JoAnna Schwenning; Canton, OH; 41:09, Dawn Austin; Sandusky, OH; 50:41

1st Place Male: Bob Sudomir; Lakeside, OH; 20:28

2nd Place Male:Brad Reineck; Genoa, OH; 22:14

3rd Place Male: Eric Short; Sandusky, OH; 26:09, Troy Druckenmiller; Fremont, OH; 26:21, Ken Schwenning; Canton, OH; 31:43, Aaron Ekleberry; Tiffin, OH; 39:26, Donald Snodgrass; Wellington, OH; 44:38

45 to 49:

1st Place Female: Toni Stevenson; Indianapolis, IN; 26:23

2nd Place Female: Tamee Morris; Huron, OH; 32:35

3rd Place Female: Nan Sauber; Marblehead, OH; 34:59, Patrice Sadd; Port Clinton, OH; 35:05, Tammy Calhoun; Fremont, OH; 38:19, Tina Glime; Vermillion, OH; 39:15

1st Place Male: Brian Martin; Sandusky, OH; 19:35

2nd Place Male:Scott Forsythe; Toledo, OH; 21:05

3rd Place Male: Jude Andres; Sandusky, OH; 27:03, Terry Graham; Huron, OH; 32:34, Scott Sours; 39:12

50 to 54:

1st Place Female: Lynne Forsythe; Toledo, OH; 27:15

2nd Place Female: Victoria Hammons; Clyde, OH; 36:33

3rd Place Female: Suzanne Carle; Marblehead, OH; 52:36

1st Place Male: Todd Schiller; Oak Harbor, OH; 20:30

2nd Place Male: Kevin Ryan; Monroeville, OH; 22:29

3rd Place Male: Bill Cagle; Port Clinton, OH; 23:41, Doug Freeh; Castalia, OH; 24:40, Garry Stevenson; Indianapolis, IN; 26:23, Matt Skiles; Bellevue, OH; 27:52, William Kohler; Detroit, MI; 31:04

55 to 59:

1st Place Female: Judy Indorf; Port Clinton, OH; 26:38

2nd Place Female: Diane Leimbach; Sandusky, OH; 30:12

3rd Place Female: Sandy Fink; Strongsville, OH; 32:09

3rd Place Female: Linda Merckens; Marblehead, OH; 36:58, Chris Bell; Huron, OH; 39:16, Kathy Eckel; Marblehead, OH; 39:36, Kathy Yaussy; Collins, OH; 40:53, Judy McKenna; Port Clinton, OH; 42:39

1st Place Male: Paul Norrod; Wakeman, OH; 23:05

2nd Place Male: Jim Antonczak; Olmsted Township, OH; 25:35

3rd Place Male: Dan Dean; Olmsted Falls, OH; 25:54, Brian Zimmer; Columbus, OH; 26:59, Tim Skiles; Bellevue, OH; 30:13

60 to 64:

1st Place Female: Hazel Haver-Reese; Middleburg Hts., OH; 32:54

2nd Place Female: Betsy Deer; Marblehead, OH; 36:28

3rd Place Female: Jan Hirt; Marblehead, OH; 38:50, Deb Timm; Sandusky, OH; 43:18, Beth Leggett; Marblehead, OH; 1:00:32

1st Place Male: Dave Wallingford; Bellevue, OH; 21:34

2nd Place Male: Joe Fink; Strongsville, OH; 22:59

3rd Place Male: Thomas Timm; Sandusky, OH; 49:07

65 to 69:

1st Place Female: Deb Welly; Fostoria, OH; 30:33

2nd Place Female: JohAnne Rossi; Port Clinton, OH; 42:15

3rd Place Female: Lois Evans; Port Clinton, OH; 56:38

1st Place Male: Don Rivera; Sheffield Village, OH; 23:54

2nd Place Male: Vern Hartenburg; Lakeside, OH; 25:18

3rd Place Male: Tom Evans; Port Clinton, OH; 27:03

70 and Over:

1st Place Female: Johanna Moore; Sandusky, OH; 56:43

1st Place Male: Angel L. Rivera; Lorain, OH; 28:03

2nd Place Male: Jim Eland; Fairview Park, OH; 35:28

3rd Place Male: Charles Myers; Marblehead, OH; 41:57, Luis M. Bonilla; Lorain, OH; 47:58, Robert Brucken; Cleveland, OH; 49:51


Female Walkers:

Lori Bartok; Marblehead, OH; 40:41

Maureen Saponari; Port Clinton, OH; 41:40

Kathy Capodice; Sandusky, OH; 41:59

Laura Tyson; Marblehead, OH; 45:01

Beth Mackey; Marblehead, OH; 45:14

Addison Coles; Port Clinton, OH; 45:20

Carol Simpson; Sandusky, OH; 45:50

Karen Salzgberg; Lakeside/Marblehead, OH; 49:05

Marilyn Umlauf; Marblehead, OH; 49:09

Vivian Gebard; Sandusky, OH; 50:21

Ann Gebard; Sandusky, OH; 50:22

Holly Gast; Marblehead, OH; 50:35

Heidi Gast; Marblehead, OH; 50:36

Colleen Wright; Marblehead, OH; 51:14

Debbie Mizla; Lakeside, OH; 53:52

Deborah Oleksiak; Medina, OH; 54:01

Jane Wright; Cleveland, OH; 54:05

Denise Diab; Castalia, OH; 54:54

Suzanne Cowan; Huron, OH; 54:55

Pamula June; Greenwich, OH; 54:56

Catherine Holroyde; Huron, OH; 54:57

Kelsey Haney; Berea, OH; 55:03

Joanna Mizla; Lakeside, OH; 55:47

Deb Stephens; Marblehead, OH; 56:13

Linda Linn; Marblehead, OH; 59:23

Brenda Haney; Berea, OH; 59:23

Bobbie Royhab; Marblehead, OH; 59:30

Alayna Mahler; Marblehead, OH; 59:59

Sarah Salsbury; Port Clinton, OH; 1:00:23

Christi Soski; Lakeside, OH; 1:00:24

Quinn Thompson; Marblehead, OH; 1:00:32

Caryl Stewart; Castalia, OH; 1:00:47


Male Walkers:

Paul Eckel; Marblehead, OH; 37:53

Bill Anders; Sandusky, OH; 40:18

John Klaehn; Marblehead, OH; 42:03

Paul Carr; Port Clinton, OH; 43:19

Bruce Winters; Oak Harbor, OH; 44:52

Dennis Coles; Port Clinton, OH; 45:20

Barney Yaussy; Collins, OH; 45:53

David Frausto; Sandusky, OH; 50:23

Avery Wright; Avon Lake, OH; 51:03

Brad Hoopes; Lakeside, OH; 52:36

Ron Royhab; Marblehead, OH; 52:48

Jim Deer; Marblehead, OH; 52:49

Tom Oleksiak; Medina, OH; 54:02

Dalton Haney; Berea, OH; 55:23

Harold Ehrman; Norwalk, OH; 56:13

Donald Wright; Marblehead, OH; 56:58

Ronny Royhab; Evans City, PA; 57:59

Aaron Royhab; Evans City, PA; 59:29

Frederic M. Glaser; Marblehead, OH; 59:50

Eric Salsbury; Port Clinton, OH; 1:00:22

Daisy Run 2014

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