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The name has been removed out of respect, this is an example of a site that follows all the rules of the cemetery.

After many phone calls and Facebook posts, it was brought to the attention of the City that the condition of the cemeteries in Port Clinton were not up to par. Since then, Mayor Vince Leone has issued an apology taking personal responsibility for the problem and is doing everything he can to make the situation right.

“There was definitely an outcry from the people,” said Mayor Vince Leone, “and I appreciate that the people let me know about the conditions. To ensure that we can have a manicured, clean cemetery, we need to enforce the cemetery rules. For years the rules have been relaxed.”

To mow the grass at the cemetery quickly and efficiently, the rules of the cemetery will start to be enforced. Mayor Leone said that he and Tracy Colston, City of Port Clinton Safety and Service Director, decided that residents have until June 13 to remove anything that doesn’t fall under the rules for gravesites.

The name has been removed out of respect, this is an example of a site that doesn't follow the cemetery rules making it harder for City workers to mow in an efficient manner.

The rules of the cemetery state:

1) No glass allowed
2) Decorations must be placed to the side of markers (sheppard’s hooks, planters, solar lights, etc.)
3) Decorations must be removed when worn, broken or shoddy.
4) Fall clean-up is October 1.
5) Spring clean-up is March 15.

Appropriate gravesite accessories are available from the Friends of the Cemetery organization.

“We used to have 22 full time City workers and now we have 11; 9 on average with sick time and vacation,” said Mayor Leone. “This is due to budget cuts over the last few years. We have been trying to implement our “do more with less” mentality, we are doing what we can with what we have.”

Questions and comments on the issue are to be directed to the Mayor’s office at 419-734-5522 ext 8.

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