Beyond the gavel w/ Judge Winters

Judge Bruce Winters guides his judiciary with great conscientiousness. The same holds true with his many pursuits outside the court room, and one in particular, bee keeping, an extremely important and necessary endeavor.

 The question of the significance of bees is still continuing in legislative offices and board rooms. However, the debate if humans really do need them has been finished from the start for America's bee keepers. Farmers understand that without bees, a third of the crops will not grow. There is no method of pollination more efficient than nature's. The endangered crops are some of people's favorites; fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds, which could not thrive without bees.

On May 22, a honey bee presentation was held at the Ida Rupp Public Library in Port Clinton. Bruce, Fr. Ray Ensman, Chris Galvin, and Rev. Bob Butcher were the bee keeper instructors and the class was open to all keepers and anyone else interested in possibly starting a hive.

The discussion provided participants with an overview relative to starting a hive and also answering questions for bee keepers that had existing hives.

The winter of 2013/2014 was exceedingly cold and many keepers lost most of their existing hives. Ideas were exchanged about wintering hives in extreme conditions and the evening concluded with all participants sampling honey from each instructor.

Bruce is currently assisting CIC with their installation of a new honey bee hive.

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