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The Port Clinton Fire House hosted Safety Town Tuesday, June 24, through Friday, June 27. Safety Town is a program where children that are entering kindergarten get a chance to learn about safety from the emergency service workers themselves.

Tuesday, the Port Clinton Police Department was there with their K9, Spike, with the Highway Patrol. On police day, the children learned about stranger danger and the importance of seat belts. On Wednesday, the Port Clinton Fire Department went over what constitutes an emergency and what to do in an emergency.

“Is a cat in a tree an emergency?” asked Port Clinton Fire Chief Kent Johnson.

“No!” responded the children.

“No, you just get some tuna fish,” said a little girl in the class.

Students of Safety Town safely learning how to evacuate the bus in an emergency.

On Thursday, EMS workers and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources was on hand to teach the children about boating safety and the importance of lifejackets. Friday was bus safety day. The children got to go on a bus ride and then they went through a drill to learn how to evacuate the bus if there is an emergency. 

After the bus drill, family and friends were waiting to greet the children at their Safety Town graduation.

“I love being in EMS,” said event coordinator Cathy Robustellini of North Central EMS, “but my passion is Safety Town.”

Throughout the years, Safety Town has taught over 1000 kids about safety. At the graduation ceremony, Fire Chief Johnson shared a story about a grandmother who fell down the stairs and a four year old who attended Safety Town was the one who called 911 and saved her life.

The Safety Town graduating class of 2014 is: Josiah Antonio, Zipporah Antonio, Hunter Bartow, Jackson Below, Carson Bergeman, Brody Bollinger, Jack Boreman Jr., Jillyan Croy, Eli Cuevas, Miranda Evans, Lorelei Fall, Caiden Foote, Cooper Harpster, Lilly Hatt, Kobe Huston, Emma Johnson, Liam Johnson, Beckett Mizener, Shadon Pollard, Reese Redfern, Ethan Reed, Dillon Scott, Rachel Spicer, Tyler Twarek and Franchesca Vaccaro.

Safety Town 2014


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