Patrolman Nate Edmonds awarded Myron Dress Award Featured

At the Port Clinton City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 24, Port Clinton Police Chief Rob Hickman announced that Patrolman Nate Edmonds was awarded the Myron “Mike” Dress Award. The award was started by then Port Clinton Police Chief Walt Bahnsen to honor Myron Dress who was a member of the Port Clinton Reserve Police and passed away after a short battle with cancer. 

“Mike Dress was the composite of a police officer as he was caring, professional and always there when called upon,” said Police Chief Hickman.

The award was instituted by the department to recognize individual officers who have had an outstanding year. This award is given based on felony arrests: burglaries in progress, narcotic arrests and recovered stolen vehicles. The Port Clinton Police Department continues to honor Mike Dress’ memory, his service and compassion by recognizing individual officers with this award.

In 2013 the department accumulated a combined total of twenty lightning bolts: six burglaries in progress, thirteen narcotic arrests and one stolen vehicle.

Patrolman Nate Edmonds received 9 lightning bolts in 2013 and already has 5 for 2014.

Patrolman Edmonds was hired in December 2007 as a civilian dispatcher/reserve police officer and was later promoted to patrolman in June 2012. He currently is assigned to the afternoon shift and he is one of the department’s two back up detectives.

“Patrolman Edmonds exhibits all the attributes that make him the kind of officer that Mike Dress was and the department is very proud of him,” said Police Chief Rob Hickman.

“It’s really nice working in a small community. You can see the results of your work and the actual impact you are having on the community,” said Patrolman Nate Edmonds.

When asked of an example of a case that had an impact on him, Patrolman Edmonds told the story of a subject that was reportedly bringing heroin into the community from Michigan. Patrolman Edmonds saw the subject getting off of State Route 2 and the subject didn’t have a driver’s license when he was pulled over. Edmonds asked the subject where he was coming from and the subject said he was on the way back from a landscaping job in Toledo.

“I asked the guy if he had his own equipment for his landscaping job and he responded ‘Oh yeah, I have all my own equipment’. Then I said oh, well do you take it home at night when you’re done? He said ‘Yeah, I take it all home at night.’ So then I had to ask the guy why is there nothing in the back of your car if you’re just coming from a job?” said Patrolman Edmonds. “After some questioning we had consent to search the car and we found that he was carrying heroin into the community.”

“When we arrest the users we can get to the source and then shut down the drug supply,” said Police Chief Hickman.

“It’s an equal playing field on January 1 for everyone to start collecting their lightning bolts. Nate has won this award two years in a row and he’s already got 5 lightning bolts on his car for this year,” said Chief Hickman.

“This isn’t my department, it’s our department,” said Police Chief Hickman. “These young guys are out here making a difference in the community and it’s not just because it’s their job, it’s because it’s their community; their families and children live here.”

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