Contestants sparkle at Firecracker Cutie Contest Featured

Firecracker Cutie Queen Kinslee Bowen with her mom.

The Firecracker Cutie contest was held at Trinity United Methodist Church on Friday, July 4, at 3 p.m. There were 38 Firecracker Cutie contestants and 13 entries for the most photogenic category. The judges for the contest were Lindsey Winfield, Vicki Wadsworth and Deanna Sees. The contest was held inside the church and the results were revealed outside on Adams Street at the car show being held next door to St. John’s Lutheran Church.

Firecracker Cutie Queen: Kinslee Bowen
Firecracker Cutie King: Briar Mooney

0-12 months

First: Harper Chaffin
Second: Savannah Butts
Third: Aubrie Zibert

13-24 months

First: Denver Kazmerczak
Second: Kinslee Bowen
Third: Alexa Kendall

3-4 years

First: Addison Mooney
Second: Alexia Luzader
Third: Noah Taylor

5-6 years

First: Miyanna Gardner
Second: Mikaylah Fleming
Third: Jenica Rollheiser

7-10 years

First: Jocelyn Rohde
Second: Alexia Harnod
Third: Carissa Carona

Firecracker Cutie 2014

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