2014 Summer Earth Camps a big success Featured

Recycling Rock Stars

The OSS Joint Solid Waste Management District sponsored three Earth Camps this June in Ottawa, Sandusky and Seneca County.  The half day camps were hosted at Lakeview Park in Port Clinton, Conner Park in Fremont and Meadowbrook Park in Bascom.  A total of 136 elementary students participated in the camps learning about recycling, litter prevention and natural resources.

Campers were separated into three groups, Planet Protectors, Go Green Gang and Recycling Rock Stars and each group rotated through stations.  Team flags were made and carried with pride to each session during the camp.

This year’s camp activities emphasized how ordinary items from around the home can be reused to create something fun.  The children played yard games such as ring toss and a game similar to ski ball using materials found in the recycle bin.  Recycled Crafts allowed campers to make their own homemade picture frame by reusing paperboard from snack boxes and decorating their frames with old puzzle pieces.  The children challenged one another during a recycling relay race.  They also learned the importance of properly disposing of their trash by participating in a litter clean-up.  Campers took home a frisbee made from recycled plastic and received a certificate of achievement. 

Campers playing with recyclable materials from Lake Erie Adventure Play.

A highlight of each of the camps this year was a pilot program of United Way of Ottawa County called Pop-Up Adventure Play, organized by Lake Erie Adventure Play (LEAP).  This session was a big hit with the campers!  LEAP provides opportunities for child-directed play using recyclable materials such as cardboard boxes, "found" materials and art supplies.  Campers were given the time and space to use their imagination to create forts, houses, games, flower shops and play as they desired.  The District would like to thank members from LEAP, Carol Clemons,

Trish O'Conner and Melissa Bayer for their assistance and additional materials used in the Pop-Up Adventure Play session during the Seneca and Ottawa County Earth Camps.

The District would like to extend a special thank you to those who volunteered their time and resources to this year's camps.  In Ottawa County, Earth Camp group leaders Stephanie Kreilick, Deb McDougall and Jaci McLean.  In Sandusky County, Earth Camp group leaders Christina Barron, Judy King and Michelle Ruffing.  In Seneca County, Earth Camp group leaders Jacquline Keller, Bethany Boehler and Melissa Perry.  Large corrugated boxes were donated to the Seneca County Earth Camp by Tom Phillips of Phillips Electric and Lowe's both located in Tiffin.

Going Green Gang


Planet Protectors

For general recycling information, District recycling collections and events log onto the OSS Solid Waste District's website at  You can also join us on Facebook by searching: Ottawa Sandusky Seneca Green Recycling Scene and hitting the like button on our page.  Follow us on Twitter by searching: OSS Solid Waste @Aim2BGreen.  For more information call the District's main office at 419-334-7222 or toll-free at 1-888-850-7224.

The Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca Joint Solid Waste Management District was created under HB 592, which required counties to form single or multi-county solid waste districts.  The District has developed a solid waste plan, which ensures disposal capacity.  The District also sponsors waste reduction, recycling and reuse programs designed to meet recycling goals.  The District’s Board of Directors includes the Boards of Commissioners in Ottawa, Sandusky and Seneca Counties.

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