Antique tractor display and games at the Ottawa County Fair Featured

Chris Brandt with his co-pilot during the box the chain competition

Joe Hartlaub securing Adam Gyde’s blindfold for the obstacle course

Byron Cook and Sheldon Miller ready for the blindfolded obstacle course

On Saturday, July 19, the old tractors in the antique tractor display got a chance to have it out at the tractor games. 

There was a slow race where tractors would see how slow they could go without stalling out. In addition to the slow race, there was a fast race where the driver has to start their tractor, hop on and fly to the finish line. The fast race sounds easy, but not all of the old tractors are easy to start. There was also a barrel push where the tractor and driver roll a barrel from one line to another measured by speed.

Another event at the tractor games was box the chain where the driver is hooked up to a long log chain and they go forward and backward until the whole chain is in the box. The event takes much accuracy and is a timed event.

The most challenging event was the blindfolded obstacle course. Drivers were blindfolded and drove through the obstacle course following the directions of their co-pilot on their tractor. The driver maneuvered the tractor through several orange cones to the finish line. The team with the best time won.

Outside of the Fair Board Office the antique tractors were on display all week. Tractors honored in the show were:

Most unusual

Gordon Wahlers of Marblehead for his 1948 Model G Allis Chalmers

Rarest tractor

Mike Behnke of Oak Harbor for his John Deere R

Oldest tractor

Adam Gyde of Oak Harbor with his 1925 10-20 McCormick Deering

Small Engine Best of Show

Kenny Gyde of Oak Harbor with his 1913 4HP Economy

1964 Best of Show

Marvin Risch of Oak Harbor with his 806 International

Overall Best of Show

Todd Winke of Oak Harbor

The games and awards were sponsored by the Ottawa County Farm Bureau.

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