Lakeside Wooden Boat Show and Plein Air Art Festival held in Lakeside Chautauqua Featured

Lakeside Chautauqua hosted the eleventh annual Lakeside Wooden Boat Show and Plein Air Art Festival July 18-20. More than 40 Midwestern artists gathered along with 70 wooden boats to display an incredibly unique craftsmen and art event.

The 70 wooden boats that were on display were divided into different categories: boats produced before 1918 are historic, 1919-1942 are antique, 1943-1975 are classic, 1976-1984 are early contemporary and boats produced in the last 30 years are classified as late contemporary. The boats varied from 9’ to 57’ in length.

“The combination of art, wooden boats, history, build and design make this event more like an overall festival and less like a show,” said Phil Savage of the Lakeside Wooden Boat Society. “The whole weekend involves so many activities.”

At the festival children could build pond boats and paint pictures on easels set out in the park. Professional artists also were in the park painting landscapes; “en plein air” means in the open air so artists were encouraged to paint at the festival. 

“A lot of artists that are here are friends,” said Mary Dziak who used to recruit artists for the event, but now volunteers. “There are a few new artists this year and that is nice to see. It’s educational to see the different types of work; acrylic, oil, etc. All of the pieces here are original works.”

Both Savage and Dziak agreed that Lakeside is the perfect area for the wooden boat show and Plein Air Art Festival.

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Wooden Boat and Plein Air Art

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