Ottawa County Brain Gain: Debbie Hymore Tester Featured

An Oak Harbor graduate, Debbie Hymore Tester has made a happy, comfortable home in the Port Clinton community as a business owner. Business owner is not the only claim to fame that Debbie has; she is a former Mayor of Port Clinton, she was co-chair of the PORTS committee, she served on City Council for four years prior to being Mayor, she served on the Main Street Port Clinton Board and the Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce Board, she was on the board at Ruth Ann’s House for close to 15 years, she was part of the Downtown Business Group, the Harvest Hall committee, school levy committee and she is currently a member of the Fourth of July committee. To say that Debbie has invested into her community would be an understatement.

After her four years as mayor, Debbie took time away from committees and boards to focus on her business, The Country Gentlemen Barber Shop and Beauty Salon and recently opened CG Nail Bar.

“We have made improvements here at Country Gentlemen,” said Debbie, “we have added staff and services. Sometimes in business you have to recreate things a little bit to fit the current need. We are not here just to make people look good, but we want to make them feel good; make sure they’re comfortable, cozy and relaxed.”

Debbie not only makes people beautiful, but is also focused on the aesthetics of Port Clinton. On the Main Street Board she was part of the design committee which helped bring flower pots, trees and revamped sidewalks with recycled bricks to downtown.

“In the thirty nine years I have worked in Port Clinton I have seen many businesses come and go,” said Debbie. “With the growth of malls, the downtown has suffered. It is important to keep the energy going to help Port Clinton succeed.”

Country Gentlemen is located at 228 E Second Street and CG Nail Bar is located right next door. Call 419-734-6111 to make an appointment or visit for more information.

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