Port Clinton Lighthouse restoration complete Featured

Left to right: John Smothers, Stewart Brand, Debbie Hymore-Tester, Brooke Browne, Kathy Mehl, Dave Mehl, Richard Norgard, Alex Thomas, Connie Brand, Darrell Brand.

On National Lighthouse Day, August 7, the Port Clinton Lighthouse Conservancy was happy to announce the Port Clinton Lighthouse has completed its restoration and is ready to be moved to its permanent location in Waterworks Park.  

The lighthouse, originally built in 1896, has been a labor of love for the Port Clinton Lighthouse Conservancy since 2010, having many volunteers donate their time and effort over the last four years.  Though the lighthouse is currently closed to the public while on the grounds of Brand’s marina (where it underwent the restoration), the 26 foot lighthouse can be seen from the edge of Perry Street beyond the Jet Express long-term parking lot.  

The final step on this journey will be its placement in Waterworks Park on a 25 foot by 30 foot piece of property located north of and centered on Derby Pond.  The proper paperwork has been submitted to city authorities, and upon the approval of the head of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Ohio Governor John Kasich, the lighthouse will begin its relocation to downtown Port Clinton.  The timetable is unknown for the final step in the process, as it solely depends on the speed at which the paperwork is processed.


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