Exotic Birds at Otterbein

Laura Miller of Nature View Exotic Bird Aviaries shares information about the birds to two Otterbein North Shore residents.

People of all ages came to greet the new arrivals at Otterbein North Shore on Tuesday, August 5, when a variety of colorful finches were delivered by Laura Miller of Nature View Exotic Bird Aviaries in Fremont.  Fourteen birds will make the Otterbein aviary their home.  Supported entirely by donations, including from the Marblehead Bank, every day more than 40 -50 people will be able to view, relax and enjoy exotic birds in their own habitat, while delighting in the beauty of baby bird hatchings.

Life Enrichment Director Martha Meyer said, “Many elders in Assisted Living don’t get out as much as they used to, so we’re bringing the outside inside for them.  Adding a nature component to their lives improves relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.”  Meyer added that Otterbein was glad to have more than 40 people, including friends and family of residents, on hand when the birds arrived. 

Otterbein North Shore is a Continuum Care Retirement Community offering independent and assisted living, as well as short-term rehabilitation in the Jane Baker House.  For more information call Jo Ann Franks or Kirsten Trammel at 419-798-8250.  Additional information regarding Otterbein Retirement Living Communities is available on its web site at

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