Bagels and the Bible

All are invited to Firelands Presbyterian Church’s Wednesday morning Bible studies at 10 at the Common Grounds coffee shop in the Sutton Center. A group of members and friends have begun meeting there for coffee, sweets, conversation and an informal Bible study led by Firelands Pastor Jeanne Gay. Rev. Gay.
“It’s good to get outside the church building sometimes, to remember that faith doesn’t happen just on Sunday mornings,” said Gay. “And sometimes it’s easier for people to relate the scripture to their everyday life when they’re in an everyday setting.”

The group met last year, June through November, and then took a hiatus through the winter.
“We’re looking forward to getting together again,” said Firelands member Karen Coffin. “Pastor Jeanne is a gifted teacher. It’s great fun to study together in the relaxed atmosphere of Common Grounds, where questions and conversation flow easily.”
Gay said the group will study texts from the upcoming Sunday’s lectionary (a three-year listing of scriptures used by many churches). Participants may want to look the passages over beforehand, but many come with no preparation at all. Any are welcome any Wednesday morning.

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