Ford Tri-Motor moved to new hangar

On Monday, August 18, with many hands on deck, the Ford Tri-Motor fuselage at Liberty Aviation Museum was loaded onto a trailer and was rolled out of the museum hangar. It was moved across the way to its new home in the new restoration hangar.

The restoration project will continue in this new hangar and the workshop items will be moved there also. Right now the space is big and empty, but it will be able to shelter several other planes as well as other restoration projects if needed.

When the hangar door was shut, the fuselage was left on the trailer until it could be lifted off and put back on its wood fixture on the ground. The center wing section was moved along with all the wing spars earlier in the day, which helped to create a lot more room in the museum hangar for the Big Band Dance which was held on August 23 and other events that will require additional room at the museum.

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