Design the official flag of Put-in-Bay

As a part of the bicentennial celebration of the Battle of Lake Erie, the Council of the Village of Put-in-Bay is sponsoring a flag design contest. The winning design will become the official flag of the Village of Put-in-Bay.
Made famous by Oliver Hazard Perry’s statement: “We have met the enemy and they are ours,” the Battle of Lake Erie was fought on Sept. 10, 1813, near the Village of Put-in-Bay. Before the battle, Commodore Perry used Put-in-Bay harbor as a safe anchorage for his vessels and for the captured British vessels after the battle.

The Battle of Lake Erie was fought between the British Fleet and the American Fleet under the command of 23-year-old Oliver Hazard Perry. In a little over three hours, the entire British fleet was captured. It was the first major victory for the Americans during the War of 1812, the Second War of Independence.
For contest entry forms, call 419-285-4313.

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