GOP event draws crowd

A large gathering of Republicans with a smattering of disenchanted Democrats attended Thursday night’s reception at Mon Ami on Catawba to welcome a number of candidates for national, state and local office.
“We are in a car going 100 miles per hour headed for a brick wall,” said Ohio Treasurer and U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel when he spoke to the group.“Unless things change dramatically in the way business is done in Washington, D.C., we will no doubt leave every child born in America a bill for thousands of dollars of debt.”

Mandel responded to the negative advertising coming from the Sherrod Brown campaign about his leaving the Treasurers office early to run for Senate.
“I was contacted by a number of individuals encouraging me to run,” said Mandel. “Never in my life have I said no to a special calling to serve, not to run for City Council, not to serve as a U.S. Marine, and not to serve as Ohio Treasurer. The stakes are just too important to refuse this calling now.”
Mandel served in the Iraq war, and noted that the roadside bombs that took lives and limbs of American soldiers were supplied directly from Iran.
Mandel had this to say about his opponent in November: “I think Sherrod Brown is a very nice person and probably loves his country as much as I do. But he has been in Washington for 20 years and has been an elected representative for well over 30 years. I want to be part of the solution in Washington, D.C., not part of the problem.”
Joe Wurzelbacher received national attention in 2008 when he questioned then-candidate Barack Obama about re-distribution of wealth at a campaign stop in Toledo. Now he is running for Marcy Kaptur’s seat in Congress in the revamped 9th Congressional District.
“It’s hard work,” said Wurzelbacher about the campaign. “I won’t be just another candidate to stick in as a token candidate. I intend to campaign hard and try to bring some common sense to Washington.”
He also said he would run a positive campaign, but expects a lot of negativity coming from Kaptur’s campaign. “That doesn’t mean I won’t challenge Marcy’s record. In 30 years in Congress, there is a treasure trove of record there.” He noted his family background of blue collar workers and the fact that many in his family were union members. “I don’t necessarily like how companies and unions have abandoned their membership in many cases.”
Ottawa County Commissioner Mark Stahl, who will be running for re-election this fall against County Auditor Jody Regal, talked about the need for fiscal responsibility in all levels of government.
“Everywhere you look, you hear the word deficits when it comes to government. Thanks in large measure to the leadership of Steve Arndt and myself, I can proudly say that Ottawa County is continuing to live within its means,” he said.
Ottawa County Republican Vice Chairwoman Joyce Murphy noted that a number of Democrats were in the audience on Thursday evening. She emphasized the importance of winning the battle of ideas.

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