Vegetation clean up

Any chance the city or county could utilize county jail inmate trustees to clean off the vegetation on the stone walkway to the lake, out the east side of the Portage River? It is an eyesore that gives Port Clinton a black eye to anyone entering from the lake.

Ron Mayle


Portage River will be surveyed to find lampreys

The continuing battle against sea lampreys soon will come to locations in the local area.  A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service survey crew will conduct work on the offshore area near the Portage River in Ottawa and Sandusky Counties during June 18-25 to search for the presence of lampreys near the mouth of the stream. The information gathered will be used to determine if sea lampreys have established themselves in the system.


PC’s little lighthouse is looking for a home

Most lighthouses don’t move around much, but Port Clinton’s little lighthouse is looking for a new home. The four-sided pyramidical wooden structure was erected in 1896 at the mouth of the Portage River and was relocated to its current home on the Brand’s Marina property 60 years ago. In 2011, Darrell Brand initiated discussions on transferring

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