For you, Roseann, pictures from heaven

Our little, precious angel, Tyler.

Today we got to see your little face again. That little smiley face we so remember and never will forget.

Last night I had a dream. I called up to heaven and asked to speak with you. I couldn’t wait to tell you. Hey Babe, your mommy is sharing you with us again, as she always did when you lived here with us. She put a picture of you for all of us to see in a story she wrote for you. She said she found your little footprints, which she also shared with us. They brought tears of joy to her eyes. I know that made you happy because I heard a little giggle, “Yes, little Tyler, mommy loves you and miss you so very, very much!”


Tyler lives on: the story of a compassionate friend

Roseann's son, Tyler

The death of a child is something that affects a family deeply. A Port Clinton resident and business owner, Roseann Hickman, has used that pain to try and help others and bring positivity to her life.

On January 26, 1988 Roseann lost her son, Tyler, because of a house fire. Her two other sons, Dustin, who was two, and Dallas, who was three and a half, made it out okay. The fire was caused by a defect in the regulator that allowed propane to come in and out of the house. At the time Roseann and her family lived in Pemberville. They took Tyler back to Port Clinton to be laid to rest .Roseann ended up moving back to Port Clinton in 2003.

To help with the grieving process, Roseann attended meetings of the Compassionate Friends which is a support group for families who have lost a child no matter what the reason. The closest chapter that she found was in Waterville. Seeing a need for it in the Port Clinton community, Roseann started a local chapter of the Compassionate Friends in December of 2010.


The Compassionate Friends participating in Worldwide Candle Lighting Dec. 8

The death of a child is devastating and it’s important to the family that the child always be remembered. That’s why members of The Compassionate Friends of Ottawa County (TCF) will participate in an annual worldwide event designed to honor the memories of all children, regardless of age, who have died. The chapter is joining Sunday, Dec. 8, with hundreds of organized memorial services around the world for The Compassionate Friends 17th annual Worldwide Candle Lighting, an event now believed to be the largest mass candle lighting in the world.

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