Joyful Connections to host the 3rd Annual Family Frenzy

The Ottawa County Noodleheads from last year’s Family Frenzy

Joyful Connections is holding their third Annual Family Frenzy (similar to the TV game show Family Feud) on Saturday, September 13, at 6 p.m. at the Catawba Island Township Hall on NW Catawba Road.  Come watch the fun as six local teams go head to head as they compete for the championship.  The Ottawa County Noodleheads will be back to defend their title. Judge Kathleen Giesler and Commissioner Jim Sass will be hosting the event and are sure to be a hoot!  The questions are somewhat zany and designed to raise a laugh, so come prepared to have fun.


Noodle Heads win Family Frenzy

The winning Family Frenzy Noodle Head team of Lindsey Mulligan, Julie McCord, Michelle Miller, Vicky King and Kim Sedlak.

Joyful Connections held its “Family Frenzy” event on Saturday at the Catawba Island Township Hall. Family Frenzy, played in a similar fashion to the game show “Family Feud”, had six teams competing this year. All proceeds benefit Joyful Connections, whose mission is to provide a child-focused, healthy, safe, and home-like environment where children can interact with family members in a non-judgmental setting.

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