You can’t bloom in your room!

Lisa Barrett, Riverview Activities Director, with resident Gurneth Berndt, receiving her prize for attending the most events during Activity Professionals Week.

Shopping trips, restaurant visits, Mud Hens games, movies, and activities morning, noon and night are all offered residents at Ottawa County Riverview Healthcare Campus in Oak Harbor. While Riverview’s Activity Staff has fun implementing all of the facility’s events and activities, it is also a lot of work setting them up, transporting residents, keeping score, and making snacks to ensure successful events. This is all in addition to the staff’s work of completing resident assessments and attending resident and family care conferences.

Riverview dedicated the week of January 19-25 to celebrating the hard work of the facility’s Activities Department. The Department is overseen by Director Lisa Barrett, ADC, who has 31 years of Riverview service. The department also has four state tested nursing assistants (STNAs) who act as Activity Assistants: Mary Diefenthaler, STNA (11 years of service); Michelle Curns, STNA (8 years of service); Joanne Craft, STNA (2 years of service); and Nicole Buehler, STNA (2 years of service).

2013 was a very busy year for the Riverview Activity Department. 653 residents participated in various outings outside of the facility throughout the year. The Activity department also provided activities within the facility with a combined total attendance of 20,288 residents.

On Friday, Jan. 24, the facility celebrated with frosted chocolate chip cookies and a party to announce the winners of the various trivia contests that were held throughout the week.  The Department challenged residents to attend the most activities during this special week. Nursing stations 2 and 6 attended the most activities and won a bowl of treats as well as a root beer float party. Three residents tied with attendance at 12 events during the week and were placed in a drawing for a $5 Lottery ticket, which was won by Gurneth Berndt. As consolation prizes Donna Whetstone and Carol Rutherford were given $1 lottery tickets.

The Riverview Healthcare Campus Activity Department is looking forward to another fun and busy year in 2014. Ottawa County Riverview Healthcare Campus has been county owned and operated for 143 years. The facility has consistently remained a Medicare 5 Star facility since January of 2010.

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