Real estate transfers

Allen Township
    10-16-12 David L .and Amy M. Satkowski to Sydney E. Stieben, 22257 West Curtice Road, $103,500.
Bay Township
    10-16-12 James B. and Brenda J. MacDonald to Brad J. and Mona L. Whalen, 679 South Northstar Place, $230,000.
    10-18-12 Ellen R. Golvach to Thomas J. Konwinski, Sr., 735 Streeter Road, $50,000.
Benton Township
    10-17-12 Darles J. Zunk to John Gradel & Sons Farms, Inc, North Elliston Trowbridge Road, new split $219,756.
    10-17-12 Dorothy A. Young to Kurt T. Sabo, 6497 North Elliston Trowbridge Road, $16,000.
    10-18-12 Dennis C. and Judith A. Vine to Ronald J. and Mary Margaret Bosch, West Toussaint North, vacant land $1,000.
 Carroll Township
    10-19-12 Ralph M. Hagman to Paul T. Websret III, 9719 West Hollywood Drive,$287,000.
Catawba Township
    10-15-12 Chester T. Freeman to HJC Land Company LLC, 3306 North Stonehouse Drive, $178,000.
    10-16-12 Luther M. Dick to Orville E. Williams and J. Kristopher Shope, 821 NE Catawba Road, $111,000.
    10-19-12 Sky Trust to Scott C. and Margaret L. Doty, 2743 East Sand Road, $318,000.
Danbury Township
    10-15-12 David R. and Stephanie M. Walls to Christopher and Jacquelyn Ayres, 181 Hidden Beach Drive, $63,000.
    10-16-12 Glenn J. and Judy G. Matejka to Anthony M. and Nancy J. Pinzone, 1851 North Fernwood Drive, $217,000.
    10-18-12 5831 SR 163 LLC to Kenneth and Betty Prahl, 5831 State Route 163 Unit C7, $60,000.
Erie Township
    10-15-12 Dan and Deborah J. Penn to Janice Snyder, 3770 West Vickery Road, $40,000.
Marblehead Corp
    10-15-12 Bay Point Acquisitions LLC to Cynthia L. Didado, 150 Bay Breeze Drive, $291,750.
    10-15-12 Bay Point Acquisition LLC to Rhonda A. Didado, 154 Bay Breeze Drive, $291,750.
    10-15-12 Joseph A. and Lynn J. Majce and W. Bernard and Louann V. Bauman to Patrick J. and Treva L. Donnally, 11110 Lakeland Drive, $203,333.
Oak Harbor Corp
    10-18-12 Lisa Shiets-King to James A. and Elaine R. Donich, 421 Country Meadows Drive, $153,450.
Port Clinton City
    10-15-12 First Federal Savings to Shane Blessing, 414 Harrison Street, $12,500.
    10-15-12 Eric and Gauk Schriver to William Imblum, 509 Lakeshore Drive, Unit E-24, $115,000.
    10-17-12 Linda C. Herres to Mark and Heidi Osborne, 1103 Jackson Street, $130,000.
    10-18-12 Frank W. Reinheimer to Edward Fitzgerald, 1,2013 acres Lakeshore Drive, $27,255.
    10-18-12 Sunshine Resorts LLC to Edward Fitzgerald, 306 West Lakeshore Drive, $154,545.
    10-19-12 Jeremy M. Gonzales to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 316 Superior Court, $26,667.
    10-19-12 Charles Rolland Whiting to Darrell Wayne Whiting, 330 East Fourth Street, $35,000.
Put In Bay Corp
    10-17-12 Cristina Brubaker to Michael D. and Peggy N. Russell, 11 Bath Street, $255,000.
Put In Bay Village School
    10-19-12 Put in Bay Homes LLC to Commador Resorts Inc, 1500 Put In Bay Road,$120,000.
Salem Township
    10-19-12 Donald W. Kohli to Sally Moffo, 781 North Toussaint South, $73,500.

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