Bolte Real Estate welcomes Steve and Chre Pitzer

Bolte Real Estate announces that Steve and Chre Pitzer have joined their family of real estate professionals. The Pitzer name has a long history on the Marblehead Peninsula; from the family creation of the Orange Vanilla twist still used at the Dairy Dock, to the family partnership of the Marblehead Galley, to Steve moving up the ranks to become Chief of Police in Danbury Township.

Chre continually moved up the corporate ladder, starting as a gate checker at BFI to a position at their corporate office in Houston, TX, eventually moving on to a Senior Financial Analyst position with Getronics. While in Houston, Steve started T-Tech Solutions, a premier provider of tech support specializing in non-profit organizations. He was later recruited to take over as the Executive Director for a 4000 member church, overseeing multimillion dollar transactions in acquisition and liquidation of real estate and property management. Steve and Chre also own and operate Pitzer Auction Company.

Steve and Chre can be reached at 419-341-5235 or at

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