St. Hazard Resort on Middle Bass Island reopened

St. Hazard Resort on Middle Bass Island reopened

St. Hazard's Resort on Middle Bass Island will be re-opened under new ownership for the 2013 season. Dave Magden and Patrick Bezuur, friends for over fifteen years, will be operating the resort and taking it in a new direction with a European flair. 

Their unofficial motto is “food, and the stuff it eats.”  “We want to mine the entire food chain for the most delicious ingredients and offer up a varied menu that reflects items available seasonally at the peak of flavor. This includes not only the produce, but meats as well. There will be some evergreen items on the menu but the menu will evolve based on what is available locally at the time, “ says ~ Bezuur.

St. Hazzards is a full service resort on Middle Bass Island, with everything from waterfront condos to cabins and camp/RV sites. It features a tropical setting, with pools and other amenities created as if in the tropics. The Resort is within walking distance from the ferry and State Park Marina and boasts the tranquility of Middle Bass Island and easy access to Put-In-Bay.

All resort amenities, such as the pool, bar, restaurant and golf cart rentals are open to the public. 

St. Hazard’s is open every day of the week, and open to the public until 2 a.m. 

For more information, reservations, pictures and details, go to Facebook or the website at,  phone -419-285-6121 , or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The address is 1223 Fox Road,  Middle Bass.

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