Starcher’s Enterprises and Village Hardware Featured

John Starcher, owner; J.V. Fletcher, Service Manager; Joe Gast, Retail Manager; 

From the tiny Welcome Door at the entrance of Village Hardware, to the commitment of the company and employees to honest, helpful, affordable, quality service and involvement with Marblehead and Danbury organizations and activities, Village Hardware and Starcher Enterprises are community-centered.

When John Starcher left a Fortune 500 company in the late ‘80s and moved to Marblehead, he bought a van and started a contracting business. “There had been a massive freeze that winter, and there were lots of repairs to be done in the spring. I knew in my gut it would work, with hard work and good luck and good people around me,” said Starcher.

Some of that good luck came in 1996 when Ben Richmond sold Starcher the building at their current location. The building had been neglected, so Starcher rehabilitated the historic building and located his growing contracting business there. “I had no intention of going into retail hardware business. We needed supplies for our business and people were coming in and wanting to buy things from us. We decided we should probably start a hardware store,” said Starcher.

Starcher bought out the inventory of a hardware store that was closing, and set out to make the store a throw-back to the old mom and pop hardware store, a service to the community and source of employment for the area that was not tourist dependent. “I think we all have a responsibility to do what we can for our community,” he believes. “It is the rent we pay for the space we occupy.”

Starcher Enterprises provided the labor to build the concession stand at Biro Field, volunteer with youth sports and mentoring youth. Starcher is president pro-temps of Marblehead Village Council and announcer for the Lakers home games. Retail manager Joe Gast donated his time to hang all the new banners in the village. The Starcher team is also very active with the Bishoff Memorial Scholarship Fund that has donated $20,000 in scholarships for Danbury students.

To reach Starcher Enterprises, check on their Facebook page or call 419.798.4293. For Village Hardware, call 419.798.4456.

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