Farmer Brown’s Spice of Life

Tom Brown

There is a new all-natural, home-made food product being made in Port Clinton. Former Port Clinton Mayor Tom Brown and his brother Fred are producing, packaging and selling a 50-year-old family recipe. 

“I like that it is made and produced in Ohio, keeping jobs in Ohio,” said Brown. Farmer Brown’s Spice of Life is being produced and marketed by PC Foods, on State Road in Port Clinton, is available at Bassett’s Market in Port Clinton, and will soon be available in locations throughout Ohio and Florida. 

Farmer Brown’s Spice of Life was created by the Browns’ father and has been available in the Pomeroy, OH, area stores, from variety stores to shoe stores, for over 20 years. It can be used on popcorn, vegetables, steak or chicken. “Dad told us not to sell the recipe, but to produce it and sell it ourselves,” said Brown.

Farmer Brown’s Spice of Life

“We would get 50 gallon vats of spices, put on masks, get the whole family together and mix the spices,” said Brown. “For community events, we would mix the spices into liquid and put in sprayers to make bar-b-que chicken. For years we did the chicken here (in Port Clinton) for the Snow Flurries sailboat race.”

To find out more about Farmer Brown’s Spice of Life, contact Keith Dietrich at PC Foods, 419.203.9514, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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