Riverview honors the Food and Nutrition Department

Staff Members of Riverview’s Food and Nutrition Department at the 2013 Resident and Family Annual Picnic: Jane Wolf, Christina Conard, Kelsey Kitzler, Shelbi Markin, Lee Earhart, Lisa Woods, Shalynn Hatmaker, Sarah Joseph, Megan Knecht, Connie Webert

Meals help meet many needs for all persons, in and out of nursing homes. In nursing homes, meals and mealtimes are especially important. Many nursing home residents have special nutritional needs. Others may need food specially prepared due to digestive disorders. Mealtimes are one of the most important activities of each day and provide an important opportunity for social gathering and sharing. Due to their social and nutritional significance, meals are a major concern for most nursing home residents. Ottawa County Riverview Healthcare Campus Food and Nutrition Department works hard not only to provide quality food, but also to provide quality food service.

During the week of February 2-8, Riverview recognized the excellent service of the 23 employees who make up the facilities Food and Nutrition Department. The Department is overseen by Director Jane Wolf, RDT (7 years of service) and Manager, Megan Knecht (11 years of service).

Wolf is not only the director of the department, making sure all regulations are followed, but also the facility’s Diet Technician. Wolf works with residents and their families as they are given new diets for their medical conditions as well as considering food likes and dislikes.  Knecht oversees the daily operations of the department, including ensuring all tasks are completed and the department is appropriately staffed each day.

In 2013 the staff of the Food and Nutrition Department prepared 171,228 meals. Included in this number are the three meals per day for inpatients, and also meals for Ottawa County Senior Resources’ Senior Centers and Home Delivered Meal Program. In 2013, Riverview’s dedicated Senior Resources Cook, Lisa Woods (15 years of service), prepared 60,871 meals for the senior meal program. These meals are reimbursed through a contract between Riverview and Senior Resources on a per meal basis to cover all food, supplies and staff cost.

The Food and Nutrition Department is made of six cooks dedicated to resident meals: Sarah Joseph (12 years of service), Judy Ranzenberger (9 years of service), Shalynn Hatmaker (6 years of service), Shelbi Markin (4 Years of Service), Connie Webert (4 years of service) and Kelly Weirich (3 years of service). All cooks are ServSafe Certified. The department also includes 14 Food Service Workers who assist the cooks in meal preparation, sanitation and meal service: Lee Earhart (12 years of service), Cindy Sandwisch (6 years of service), Chelsea Kitzler (2 years of service), Sara Garza (1 year of service), Courtney Markin (1 year of service), Christina Conard (1 year of service), Haley Snider (1 year of service), Ben Oestreich (8 months of service), Brianna Biggert (7 months of service), Brett Reyes (4 months of service), Victoria Levario (3 months of service), Katie Perry (2 months of service), Krystin Berry (1 month of service) and Kyle Wilkins (1 month of service).

Riverview serves meals from three dining rooms throughout the facility. Food is served restaurant style as well as family style in the facility’s Memory Care Unit, the Lighthouse.  The facility offers a main and alternative menu at each meal, as well as a made to order menu that it is offered daily. The facility also offers a menu of food items available 24 hours each day. Each month residents work with Wolf and Knecht during their monthly Food Committee meeting to discuss likes and dislikes of the current menus and choose a menu for the Resident Choice meal. 

Ottawa County Riverview Healthcare Campus has been county owned and operated 143 years. The facility has consistently remained a Medicare 5 Star facility since January of 2010.

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