Edgewood Manor celebrates National Nursing Home Week

Edgewood Manor celebrates National Nursing Home Week

The residents and staff of Edgewood Manor Health and Rehabilitation Center are pleased to announce a fun-filled schedule of events for National Nursing Home Week, May 11-17..

This year the residents of Edgewood will spend National Nursing Home Week taking the “Journey of a Lifetime”.  They will travel back in time starting with the 1970’s and ending the week in the 1920’s.  Each day of the week will revolve around a different decade.  All of the day’s games, parties, music, costumes, and decorations will revolve around that era’s culture.  Family & Friends are always welcome to join in the fun.

Following is the itinerary for the week:

Sunday, May 11-Formal Mother/Daughter Tea with a variety of desserts, drinks and music. Mark Wilkins croons the oldies.

Monday, May 12-1970’s Disco Day

10 a.m.-Disco volleyball
1:15 p.m.-70’s “Groovy” Party w/ Sam singing disco
2:30 p.m.-Movie “Saturday Night Fever” and popcorn

Tuesday, May 13-1960’s Woodstock Day

10 a.m.-Pampered Spa Day with free haircuts, manicures and hand massages for residents, compliments of Stein Hospice
2 p.m.-Woodstock Party with “Daddy-O” Dan singing the 60’s
3 p.m.-Tie-dyed fun

Wednesday, May 14-1950’s “Greaser” Day

10 a.m.-50’s Pop Culture Bingo
1:30 p.m.-Sock Hop w/ Keyboard Cleats Rockin’ 50’s tunes
2:45 p.m.-Movie “Grease” and root beer floats
6:15 p.m.-50’s Clog dancers

Thursday, May 15-1930’s/1940’s USO Day

10 a.m.-30’s Rummy
1:30 p.m.-30’s/40’s USO Dance w/ Donnie C’s Big Band Sound
3 p.m.-30’s/40’s Word game

Friday, May 16-1920’s Roaring Twenties Day

10 a.m.-“Speakeasy” blackjack
2 p.m.-Roaring Twenties Charleston blowout w/ Ragtime Rick tickling the ivories
3 p.m.-1920’s Photo op

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