Miller Ferry going green Featured

Over the Fourth of July weekend, most passengers aboard the Miller Ferry showed off the familiar red, white and blue showcasing their patriotism.  The actual ferry boat itself however, will be showing off quite a different color: Green. 

In an effort to make their fleet more energy efficient and lower emissions, Miller Boat Line is proud to announce that they will now be using a 10% biofuel blend in two of their passenger/vehicle ferries hoping to someday increase that ferry number to four. 

Five years ago Miller Boat Line introduced this biofuel blend in one of their ferries and since it proved successful, decided to further push the initiative in a second vessel.  “We’re trying to help provide a better future for those who inherit what we leave behind,” said Scott Market, co-owner of Miller Boat Line. 

While 11 Good Energy, an environmental biofuel company out of Canal Fulton, Ohio, provides Miller Boat Line with the soybean based fuel, it is then blended with regular diesel fuel on the premises.

Biofuel is a green fuel made primarily from soybean oil. It reduces emissions, burns much cleaner and produces minimal toxic by-products.

About Miller Boat Line:  A vehicle/passenger ferry service in the western basin of Lake Erie that provides passage to the Bass Islands out of their home port in Catawba Island, Ohio.  Considered the main artery to the islands, Miller Ferries carries all things from people, cars, goods, and everything in between.  The company has been family owned and operated since 1905.

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