Kelsey K. concert headlines Ottawa County Fairgrounds Arena Fundraiser

Kelsey K. concert headlines Ottawa County Fairgrounds Arena Fundraiser

On May 3-5 country music's Kelsey K. and the Buffalo Ridge Band will be at the Ottawa County fairgrounds in Oak Harbor to headline the Arena Fundraiser. 

The arena at the Ottawa County Fairgrounds has a heavy clay mixture. The footing for horses and riders has been dependent on the weather conditions. On a hot day, the footing becomes loose and the dust kicked up causes decreased visibility and the horses, riders and spectators inhale the dust. When the arena is watered, the relief is temporary because the bottom layers of the arena are not properly irrigated. When it rains, which seems to often happen during Fair Week, the water pools and the footing becomes slick and dangerous. A properly irrigated and prepared arena can help solve all these problems.

The three-day event to help raise fund to renovate the arena features a chili cook-off, and several exhibitions and competitions including an Open Speed Exhibition, a Contesting competition and a Pleasure Show. 

Kelsey K. has already, at 13, written over 200 songs and released two original CD’s. She is the youngest songwriter ever selected to attend NSAI’s Advanced Song Camp. Her song “I Am Somebody” was chosen for MTV’s documentary “Bullied.” Her latest CD, “Blue Jean Girl”, produced by Jimmy Nichols, musical director for Faith Hill, was released in October of 2012.

For more information on the fundraiser and the project, check the website at, Twitter @ArenaFund or Facebook at

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