First ArtWalk damp but enthusiastic

First ArtWalk damp but enthusiastic

Perhaps it was the good nature and camaraderie of the artists. Perhaps it was the excitement of a “first”. Perhaps it was the richness of the artistic offerings. Perhaps it was the glow from the delicious refreshments. Whatever the reason or reasons, the nasty cold and rain and resulting sparse public attendance Thursday evening did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the artists at downtown Port Clinton’s First Annual ArtWalk.

Marty Willis of Just a Basket Case, who was one of those most impacted by the weather as she was exhibiting her baskets and notecards under the canopy in front of 2nd Street Gallery, was philosophical about the weather and lack of traffic, saying, “I am only giving up time.”

Colin Budd, of Catawba, originally from England, was perhaps well accustomed to such weather and nonplused as he displayed his pottery under a Second Street canopy. He said he will also return for the next ArtWalks, and was pleased with the ArtWalk concept. “Three of the galleries where I used to exhibit have closed, and now I need a home for my work,“ said Budd.

Lynette Saucedo, who was exhibiting and painting inside Keith Fleming’s gallery, said that for the next ArtWalk “the weather will be gorgeous.”

This year’s ArtWalk dates and themes are June 27, The Dance of the Mayflies; July 25, EcoGreen Sculptures; Aug. 22, A Night Downtown and Sept. 26, Lake Erie Celebration.

Area artists and businesses interested in participating may contact Jen Nickel at 419-341-0804 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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