Port Clinton Artists’ Club member gets work showcased on the big screen Featured

Helena Bonham Carter in the Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, racked in 89 million dollars at the box office this summer. To be part of that for Linda Karst Stone was priceless. Linda, a member of the Port Clinton Artists’ Club who now resides in Texas, works in the art of scrimshaw. In the movie The Lone Ranger, Helena’s character Red Harrington has an ivory leg. In February 2012 Linda Karst Stone was chosen to create the prop for the movie. Linda practices the traditional method of scrimshaw, working by hand and not by machine. A steel instrument is used to make lines or crosshatching into the surface, in this case ivory, then the scratches are filled with black India ink and  the excess is cleaned from the surface.

Linda Karst Stone with her ivory, scrimshawed leg

The design wraps all the way around the leg. It takes a great deal of time, talent and precision to create such a beautiful piece of art. On July 3rd Linda and forty of her friends and family attended the opening of the Lone Ranger and got to see Linda’s work of art on the big screen. 

Linda still comes to the Port Clinton area to visit her parents, Dr. Thomas and Barbara Karst. To learn more about Linda Karst Stone or to see more of her work visit

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