If your roof has been repaired or replaced, have the vent pipes checked

In the aftermath of the July 1, storm that caused extensive damage to homes and roofs throughout Catawba, Marblehead and Lakeside, Firelands Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning of Danbury Township reports that they found many problems stemming from roof damage and roof repairs.


After new roofing had been installed for many of their customers, Firelands found that water heater vent pipes had become disconnected inside the house or in the attic space. This can be dangerous, as the vent gases may be entering living space air, and this can cause health and safety issues. 

Firelands therefore recommends that if your roof has been replaced recently your water heater and furnace should be checked by a professional immediately. They also  recommends installing a carbon monoxide and smoke detector in or near a sleeping area as most carbon monoxide alarms occur during the early morning hours. 

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