Let’s Limit Litters

Let’s Limit Litters

The Humane Society of Ottawa County is partnering in a effort with local veterinary hospitals on a spay/neuter awareness program called “Let’s Limit Litters”. 

Each year millions of unwanted pets are destroyed because of pet overpopulation. One of the best ways to prevent overpopulation is through simple spaying and neutering. It may sound like a simple solution, but the road to reaching this goal is still long and steep. The Humane Society of Ottawa County understands the vital importance of spaying and neutering and the impact on the overpopulation problem. Along with the local area veterinary hospitals, they have developed a low cost sterilization program. 

The program is very simple and you just have to contact the Humane Society of Ottawa County and obtain a low cost sterilization certificate. The costs of the certificates are as follows: 

Canine Neuter: $130.00
Canine Spay: $165.00
Feline Neuter: $50.00
Feline Spay: $73.00 

The sterilization certificate can then be taken to the following participating veterinary hospitals: 

*Catawba Veterinary Hospital Inc., 419-797-2180 

*Oak Harbor Veterinary Hospital, 419-898-3411 

*Westview Veterinary Hospital Inc., 419-332-5871 

*Lakeshore  Veterinary  Hospital Inc., 419-621-9080

*Fremont Animal Hospital, 419-332-2659

The sterilization procedures will be done by the participating veterinary hospitals at the reduced rate with no ancillary testing nor elective procedures and with limited hospitalization. Ancillary testing and elective procedures can be done at the time of the above procedures and those procedure costs will be paid by the pet owner. 

Sterilizing your pet is a one time cost and relatively small when compared to all the benefits. It’s a bargain compared to the cost of having a litter and caring for the health of the mother and litter. Two months of pregnancy and another two months until the litter is weaned can add to your vet bills and food costs. It is a very small price to pay for the health of your pet and the prevention of more unwanted animals. 

For more information, contact The Humane Society of Ottawa County at 419-734-5191.

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