Celebrating 25 years at the Keeper’s House: Ottawa County Historical Society social hour and potluck

The Ottawa County Historical Society (OCHS) celebrates 25 years at the Keeper’s House with a social hour and potluck picnic, Sept 10, 4-7:30 p.m. at the Wolcott Keeper’s House, 9999 E. Bayshore Road, Marblehead.  

Rachel Wolcott (Karin Messner,) welcomes guests at 4 p.m. with conversation and memories of life on the Ohio Frontier.  Ms. Messner was one of the volunteers who presented a lively depiction of daily life of first Marblehead Lighthouse Keeper Benajah Wolcott and his family in OCHS reenactments in the early days of historical site’s restoration.  Fresh early 19th Century appetizers will be prepared for the gathering on the Keeper's House open hearth by Ray and Georgette Machar starting at 4 p.m.


Rep. Redfern recommends state funding for Keeper’s House, East Harbor

State Controlling Board member Rep. Chris Redfern (D-Catawba Island) this week voted to release over $150,000 in state funding for upgrades to the Marblehead Lighthouse State Park Keeper’s House and East Harbor State Park.

“I am pleased that we will help preserve a part of our peninsula’s history at the ‘second’ Keeper’s House for future generations. And with improvements at East Harbor, we will meet the increased demand for services from visitors and vacationers,” said Rep. Redfern. “Investments that promote access to lakeside recreation and preserve historical landmarks are fundamental to our local economy.”

The “second” Keeper’s House, constructed adjacent to the lighthouse in 1880, is in need of external repair and painting of its wooden structure to preserve the integrity of the building. It currently serves as a museum and is staffed by historical society volunteers. The Keeper’s House garage will receive similar renovations.

East Harbor State Park will update electrical systems at the park’s camp store to meet increased demand, while the campground will install a new floating courtesy dock to accommodate greater boater access to Lake Erie.

Rep. Redfern serves as one of seven members on the State Controlling Board, a panel tasked with oversight of state spending.


Civil War Encampment returns to Keeper’s House

A group of soldiers fire their rifles.

The Wolcott Keeper's House-14th Ohio Civil War Encampment is back for the 2013 Lighthouse Festival, Saturday, Oct. 12,  after a year's hiatus, along with the Keeper's House fall tradition of bean soup, Johnny cake, and cider. A group of Civil War re-enactors, led by Captain Brian Porter, will set up camp on the Keeper's House grounds, 9999 E. Bayshore Road, early Saturday morning,  Oct. 12. 

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