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Mary Gardner receives Liberty Bell Award

Mary Gardner, longtime Ottawa County Courthouse employee with both the Clerk of Courts and the Auditor's office, was the recipient of the Liberty Bell award given annual by the Bar Association of Ottawa County. It is given to a local resident who is not an attorney who promotes the meaning and the importance of the law in daily life. Photo by John Schaffner

‘Till Next Time’ program at B-C-S

"Till Next Time”, also known as T.N.T., is a mentoring program serving the needs of students in grades 4-12 in the Benton-Carroll-Salem School District. The program was featured as the district highlight at the April B-C-S Board of Education meeting. The program is financially supported through the Ottawa County Juvenile Court, and is the vision of The Honorable Kathleen L. Giesler, Juvenile/Probate Court Judge. In featuring the program, Judy Peters explained that the mentoring program T.N.T. strives to empower students to make positive choices and to help them realize their personal potential. Mentors let kids know that there is another person out there who cares, and this leads to positive academic and social outcomes for students. The T.N.T. program is always looking for mentors and looking to grow to serve more students. If you are interested, contact Mrs. Peters at 898-3280.

The Board then commended the efforts of the Oak Harbor High School Cheerleaders who earned a 12th place finish in state completion. Members of the competition team include Taylor Blatt, Kaylie Hallett-Syzmanski, Lindsey Dials, Ashley Roose, Samantha Wilkins, Chelsey Koester, Brenna Franck, Haley Smith, Lauren Dials and Miranda Mays. The Oak Harbor Cheerleaders are under the direction of Coach Trisha Bauer and volunteer Coach Lisa Franck.

In addition, the Board and Transportation Director Ginger Stayancho offered commendations to B-C-S bus drivers who volunteered their time during Kindergarten screening, an event for children who are entering Kindergarten in August. The B-C-S bus drivers showed the soon-to-be Kindergarteners what the bus looks like to lessen their anxiety, and talked to them about how to be safe on the bus. The bus drivers who volunteered their time include: Jeannie Behnken, Lori Kruse, Jackie Horvath, Pat Lemon, Veronica Shanteau, Becky Weidner, Jackie Kohlman, Sharon Krieger, and Michelle Jividen. Furthermore, Mrs. Stayancho recognized B-C-S Transportation Mechanic Paul Greener for earning “Honorable Mention” from a state organization as “Bus Mechanic of the Year.” The Board applauded the efforts of the bus drivers, and thanked Mr. Greener for his commitment to excellence.

Next, the Board received a curriculum update from Mrs. Sherri Parent. Mrs. Parent explained the new local report card accountability system that will be implemented over the next few years. Once the system is implemented, each school district in Ohio will be assigned a letter grade from A through F. There are more details left to be worked out about how exactly the state will determine a final letter grade for school districts.

In Treasurer’s business, the Board accepted the lowest bids for the purchase of two school busses, which are paid for by “Permanent Improvement” (PI) levy dollars. The Board typically purchases two school busses each year, while trading in two, to keep the district’s fleet of busses safe and efficient. The Board also approved a number of personnel contracts and approved resolutions recognizing National Nurses Day, National Teacher Appreciation Week, and National Volunteer Appreciation Week.

In other business, the Board approved the Oak Harbor High School Class of 2013 graduates, pending the completion of all requirements. Also, the Board accepted with gratitude the following donations: $5,000 from the Athletic Boosters toward the purchase of a new stadium scoreboard, $1,000 from the Athletic Boosters to purchase rakes and field equipment, and playground equipment for R.C. Waters Elementary School from Harry Mylander of Unilliance.

The next B-C-S Board of Education meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 28 at 6 the High School Media Center. A reception to honor retirees will be held at 5:30.

Real Estate Transfers for May 2, 2013

Benton Township
4-25-13 Paul A. and Linda J. Bolin to Elizabeth M. Malik, 16370 West Walbridge Road, $114,000.

Catawba Township
4-24-13 Raymond R. Mong to Douglas E. and Kimberly A. Kearns, 3228 North Marian View drive, $395,000.
4-26-13 Joseph H. and Marjorie A. Busby to Robert J. Stewart, 1665 NW Catawba Road, $140,000.

Clay Center Corp
4-25-13 A. Pietrowski LLC to MP Real Estate LLC, 465 and 515 Main Street, $65,000.

Danbury Township
4-22-13 Sally A. Stokes to Marla and Bernard Himmeger, 282 Perryview, $60,000.
4-22-13 Deutsche Bank to Deborah Caldwell, 6457 Royce Drive, $67,399.
4-23-13 Kathleen Rhoda to Lisa Leslie, 7477 East Harbor Road, $166,999.
4-26-13 Kathleen M. Van Camp to R & L Zies Family Partnership IV Ltd, 2019 Ellsworth Drive, $63,000.

Erie Township
4-23-13 EH POOLED Investment to Dylan Hatfield, 5560 West Erie, $27,000.
4-26-13 Richard A. Bugoci to Steven J. L. Meade and Gary L. Meade, Lakeshore Drive, vacant land, $26,000.

Harris Township
4-24-13 Constance Jean Maike to Bryce T. Paule, West Weis Road, vacant land, $286,728.
4-24-13 Kay L. Traver to Bryce T. Paule, West Weis Road, vacant land, $286,728.
4-25-13 William and Lisa Rauch to Todd and Heidi Hecht, Benton Caroll Road, new split, $30,000.

Oak Harbor Corp
4-22-13 Laurel A. and Carol J. Swartz to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 201 North Locust Street, $50,000.
4-22-13 Gina M. Wood to The Huntington National Bank, 330 North Locust Street, $41,000.
4-26-13 Allan and Janet Harder to Thomas and Karla Spangler, 213 Harvest Lane, $135,000.

Port Clinton City
4-22-13 John J. and Brenda A. Bou-Sliman to Port Clinton Manufacturing Company, 310 West Perry Street, $16,000.
4-23-13 Josephine Ward to Den Bee Ltd., 1621 Waters Edge, $70,000.
4-26-13 JPMorgan Chase Bank to J. Scott Morton, 323 Harrison Street, $45,000.

Portage Township
4-22-13 Timothy W. Hicks to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 1655 South Hickory Grove Road, $37,334.

Put In Bay Village School
4-23-13 David Bechstein to Harold M. Schwatz, 1235 Ashburn Avenue, $295,000.
4-26-13 Robert Rush to Troy C. and Christine L. Ontko, 1331 Langram Road, $410,000.

Salem Township
4-22-13 Christopher T. and Kelly M. Hepner to Federal National Mortgage Association, 8568 West State Route 163, $66,667.
4-23-13 Behnken Loving Trust to John F. Sr. and Jeannie K. Behnken, West Boysen Road, new split, $92,529.
4-23-13 Behnken Loving Trust to William C. Behnken, West Boysen Road, new split, $151,471.
4-23-13 Behnken Loving Trust to William C. Behnken, West Boysen Road, new split, $67,000.
4-23-13 Behnken Loving Trust to John F. Sr. and Jeannie K. Behnken, West Boysen Road, new split $131,999.

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