Council-at-Large’s opinion on Issue 6

Issue 6 is not about voting for or against condos; voting for or against parks; voting for or against tourism; or even about having or not having the right to vote.  Voting No on Issue 6 is about voting for our future and the future of the City of Port Clinton.


What is a disclaimer?

If you were named in a will or trust to receive an inheritance and the attorney asked if you wanted to disclaim or refuse the gift, you would probably say that was a bad idea.  There are times when a valid disclaimer is the best course of action.

A disclaimer is an irrevocable and unqualified refusal to accept an interest in property. The effect of a disclaimer is to pass the asset to those who would have inherited if you had predeceased. This is not a gift from you.  You have effectively skipped a generation and passed the asset to the next generation. 


St. Paul Lutheran Chicken BBQ

St. Paul Lutheran Church, 9789 W. Oak Harbor Southeast Rd., Oak Harbor, will be hosting their annual chicken BBQ on Sunday November 2, from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. 

The menu consists of 1/2 chicken dinner, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, roll, ice cream and beverage. 

For tickets contact any church members or call the church office at 419-898-0908. If available tickets will also be available at the door.


Mole Day at Port Clinton High School

Port Clinton High School Chemistry students, Ben Mueller and Jake Depner, create a “mole” from a mole of aluminum foil in Mrs. Nichole Wiechman’s classroom for Mole Day on October 23. 

October 23 was Mole Day at Port Clinton High School.  Not a day honoring a small burrowing animal, but a day declared by Chemistry teacher Mrs. Nichole Wiechman to celebrate Avogadro’s number  6.02 x 1023.


Elmwood offers comforts of home

A new facility in Fremont is offering great amenities and care for senior citizens in the area. Elmwood Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing of Fremont, located at 1545 Fangboner Road, specializes in assisted living, Alzheimer’s and memory care, nursing home and long-term care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation therapy and day and respite care.


North Coast Cigar ribbon cutting

The Port Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the grand opening of North Coast Cigar located at 2364 E. Sand Road in Port Clinton.  The Port Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, October 31, at 1 p.m. 

North Coast Cigar has the only walk-in humidor in the area stocked with premium hand-rolled cigars from the leading cigar manufactures in the industry.  They also offer cigar accessories. Patrons can come in and purchase cigars to take home or they can sit in the cigar lounge and watch sports on the multiple big screen televisions. There is a pool table and dart board in the backroom and a conference room to conduct business. There is dedicated business grade Wi-Fi throughout. There is also a wrap-around front deck with a view of Lake Erie. 

For more information, please call 419-734-6222.


Port Clinton President of Council's stance on Issue 6

To the citizens of Port Clinton,

I am voting no on issue 6 because as a citizen of Port Clinton I want to see Port Clinton prosper and move forward.

As President of Council I have no vote but I am confident in the members to research, analyze and choose what is best for the city of Port Clinton.


The right to vote

Voting is important, get out the vote, make it easy to vote, absentee, early, I want your vote, vote for me, I got more votes, I won the vote, the voters put me in office on and on and we hear it from candidates, office holders, all parties, everyone.

Our women citizens didn’t have a vote, marched, suffered to get the vote. Our citizens of color were beaten, attacked by dogs and killed because they wanted to vote. Generations of brave military heroes sacrificed, suffered and fought and died so those wanting a vote could have it and they protect that right, here and all over the world. Voting is sacred no matter what the issue is up or who is running. It’s the wanting, having, exercising a vote that’s the priority and issue here.

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