2012 Fish sale

Ottawa Soil and Water Conservation District announces its 2012 Fish Sale.

Area pond owners have the opportunity to stock their ponds with fish through this convenient and low-cost program. Orders must be placed by Friday, Sept. 28, with the District office.

The fish are supplied by Fender’s Fish Hatchery, Baltic, Ohio.  The hatchery will distribute the fish with their aerator-outfitted tank truck on the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 4. Fish available are: bluegill, channel catfish, fathead minnows, largemouth bass, yellow perch, redear sunfish and white amur.

White amur (more commonly known as grass carp) are members of the minnow family, reported to attain weights in excess of 100 pounds and to live up to 15 years. They bear little resemblance to the common carp. Although cultured in Asia as a source of food, the sterile white amur is primarily used in the United States to control aquatic vegetation. Leafy, rooted aquatic plants, such as pondweed and coontail, are the preferred food of these fish. Lacking these, the white amur will consume floating duckweed, green algae and even cattails.

All fish must be pre-ordered and pre-paid. To receive an order form, call the Ottawa Soil and Water Conservation District office at 419-898-1595 or stop in at the office at 240 W. Lake Street, Oak Harbor.



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