Beach clean-up makes a difference

beach cleanup group beach cleanup group

As part of Coastweek”s  International Coastal Clean-up Day, the Port Clinton Kiwanis group helped clean up Lakeview park and beach this past Saturday.  Along with thousands of other volunteers from around the Great Lakes, nine Kiwanians armed with gloves and garbage bags picked up 10 bags of litter that would have eventually ended up in Lake Erie.  “An event like this allows residents to take ownership of our local waterways.  It doesn’t  take a lot of effort to have a large impact on our water quality,” said Nonpoint Source Educator Becky Simpson.

The district would like to thank Ray Ensman, Dick Patterson, Dr. Jack Savage, Tina Burris, Anita Gribble, Bob Butcher, Glenda Phillabaum, and  Roger Akins from  the Port Clinton Kiwanis group and the City of Port Clinton for helping make this day a success.
 If an individual or an organization would like to become involved in future beach clean-ups, please contact Becky Simpson at the Ottawa Soil and Water Conservation District at 419-898-1595. 

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