Ragbag Report

One of the best things local clubs like Sandusky Sailing Club and Port Clinton Yacht Club do is train young people how to sail and teach them the nuances of sailboat racing. This Saturday the Sandusky Sailing Club is hosting their Junior Regatta. Close to 100 young men and women will descend upon SSC for the event. Their instructors do an excellent job of not only teaching the basics of sailing, but also the basics of boating safety on the water. It is a learning experience that lasts a lifetime.

It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it! I am certain you have heard that time worn phrase before. However, it definitely applies to sailing. That is because every auxiliary boat has that wondrous part of the hull structure known as “the bilge”.

The reason I bring it up is because one of my crew members, my bow man Tim Willford,  and I were taking a look at the structure at the base of the mast of our S2 9.1 last Saturday. Located just aft of the mast step is the Bblge. It was nasty. There was a little water down there, since the float on the automatic bilge pump was not being pushed up and pumped out. So we looked at it as an opportunity to do a little cleaning…certainly not the most pleasant task, but a definite responsibility of owning a boat.

While down there (actually Tim did most of the nasty cleaning work), we got to talking about other methods of keeping the cabin of your boat smelling nice. Tim told me that when his old boat was at dock, they installed a small dehumidifier down below. When traveling to other locations, he suggested a pan of kitty litter to help absorb the moisture to avoid mold buildup and keep the inside aromas under control. Neat idea!

They had a couple of races at Catawba Island Club on Saturday. Congratulations to Mark Sprenger on “Thin Ice” for a couple of victories there. Mark keeps his boat at Port Clinton Yacht Club but is also a member at CIC.

The next big event on the sailing calendar is the Sandusky Island Race/Stein Hospice Cup event out of Sandusky Sailing Club. This is one of my favorites because of the course, a 36 mile figure 8 course that takes the fleet around Kelleys Island, around South Bass Island, Around Middle Bass Island and back to Sandusky. It is a beautiful trip and a fun race, as SSC has entertainment and a great meal on Friday night during registration. 

See you out on Lake Erie.

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