Kite Flight brightens the skies over Port Clinton

On Sunday at Waterworks Park the Fifth Annual Greater Port Clinton Arts Council’s Kite Flight brightened the grey skies. Special guests the Windjammers out of Detroit, MI, are a world-traveling professional kite flying team who recently came back from an event in Singapore. This year’s Kite Flight also featured a make your own kite table and the Rotary Club perch wagon.

Kay Zekany and Dan Klos of Port Clinton started the Kite Flight five years ago. Klos loves to design kites and he has been making unusual kites for 25 years. Every kite that Klos creates has an innovative design and is like no other kite. On Sunday Klos was flying his Myrtle Beach Roller Coaster, a kite which he hasn’t flown for 14 years.

Also in attendance was Adrian Conn of Windsor, Ontario. Conn started building kites when he was six years old and in 1981 he became a professional kite flier. In 1982 Conn was Grand Champion of the national convention. Conn likes making and flying big show kites and enjoys competing in shows.

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